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Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Vacation Guide, your number one location for everything Myrtle Beach has to offer. I know it can be frustrating trying to plan that vacation for the family with so many choices and locations to choose from so I created a guide for you, to make planning your next family vacation here in South Carolina a breeze! I live about 45 minutes from the beach and let me tell you when I first migrated from the cold winter weather in Connecticut my first glance at everything Myrtle Beach had to offer was overwhelming to say the least. My wife was in aww of all the attractions that were available for the kids. We needed everything we could get our hands on to get the best deals this beautiful place offered which was scattered all over the place. After some countless hours of research I put everything from booking hotels, booking condos, booking your flight, attractions, even some of the best discounted locations for giving you the ultimate family vacation all in one spot. The Myrtle Beach Vacation Guide is probably going to be a life saver for you. My wife and kids run me ragged all the time we cruise down to the beach. There is always something to do at Myrtle Beach, just make sure you put on your tennis shoes, it’s a kids playground. This guide will help cut your learning curve so that you can focus on what’s most important and that’s spending quality time with the family and less time worrying about the headaches that can be associated with booking that vacation. Hey take it from a Dad that has had his share of vacation nightmares at the infamous myrtle beach!

What are some of the activities that you enjoy doing with the family? There is just so much to choose from when you come down to the second most toured vacation spot in the country. Of course we know Walt Disney is #1, but I would have to say that everything here at Myrtle Beach is second to none when you take in consideration the love everyone has for fun beaches. So take a look around and visit all of our recommended links that will save you from going from site to site trying to find the best deals for your vacation. It’s all here just a click away, I have done all the work for you and kept it convenient for you in one location… and that’s here at Myrtle Beach Vacation Guide!

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