Columbia SC

Now I have to say that Columbia SC is one of my favorites cities in all of South Carolina. And that's probably because I'm origianlly from up North.

Columbia SC presents the visitor with several different faces. The city has been the captial of SC since 1786 and as such has a rich history wich long-time Columbians commemorate passionately. If you meet these people over dinner, expect to hear before you get to dessert how Sherman burned the city but spared the college (now the University of South Carolina) because Union troops were hospitalized there.

Despite the fires, the city has some excellent restored homes open for touring which originally belonged to important SC families.

At the same time, energetic, enterprising business people and atrisans are expanding Columbia's cultural and professional horizons with such initiatives as the Congaree Vista Re-development Program.

Centered in the area between Gervais St. and Lady Street, west Assembly, the Congaree Vista covers 900 acres along the Caongaree riverfront. Here you will find growing numbers of antiques shops, artists' studios and galleries, restaurants, and architects' offices.

The Five Points area, near the university, reflects the tastes and traditions of academia and also a younger, trendy population with a variety of restaurants, a gourmet shop, an art gallery, and other stores offering a range of goods from clothing to antiques.

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