Myrtle Beach Shopping
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Myrtle Beach Shopping

Hey lets just say that shopping at the beach can be a tiresome task if you’re the man of the family. But of course this is more like a sport for the ladies. (smile) Myrtle beach shopping stores are located within reach not far at all from blue waters many people love.

Buying as a local in MB can be tough, as many of the larger stores' inventories are selected with tourists in mind. Now no one's selling parkas, but New England tourists are definitely given consideration.

Many stores are more geared toward tourists, and many of them come from colder weather climates - hence the abundance of cold-weather wares in MB stores. But locals don't necessarily get left out in the cold, or warmth as the case may be.

Some stores, such as Banana Republic or Gap, have "hot stores" meaning they have warm-weather clothing all year round. Southern California is a good example - go to their store and they'll have clothes different from other stores in the country. The coastal Carolinas fall in between the clothing cracks - too cool to warrant a "hot store" and too warm to be comfortable with thick clothing - which is why many mall stores and national brand-name stores tend to carry clothing out of step with the weather.

Although seasonal hours are frequently abbreviated, many places are open seven days a week; if you shop between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m., you should find anything you're looking for.

I would definitely love to hear about your experiences on your vacation to Myrtle Beach. So please feel free to submit your stories in the provided form so that I can post all stories on my page for favorite shopping experiences!

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Myrtle Beach Shopping