Myrtle Beach Time Share that pays Cash

Myrtle beach time share

To be quite honest I’m going to let you in a little beach secret. You can always come to Myrtle Beach and recoup some of your vacation cost by checking out some of the resorts on what we call the Myrtle Beach Time Share.

There are people representing these resorts at the beach that walk the boulevard, they can spot couples a mile away! Their first question is usually “how long are you guys going to be here?” After they ask the question they will usually offer anywhere from $75 - $150 cash for about 90 minutes of your time.

Of course it’s going to be to try and sell you on a Myrtle Beach time share which are pretty affordable these days. Sometimes it can be hard to say no but what the heck just sit for 90 minutes and make that type of money!

Ok it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that if you get up early enough you can usually knock out about 4 – 5 of these tours in a day… can you quickly do the math on that for a weekend?

I think I just gave away a big big secret …(laugh). It’s ok people do it all the time down here just to make some extra cash while they are vacationing. I call it recouping expenses… but my wife calls it being greedy!

Hey I won’t charge you for this information don’t worry it’s free.

But you will have to contact me and let me know your experience once you’ve had a chance to visit. I’ve put this info in special report that’s free to you, so just fill in the form and you’ll have my top time share cash cows instantly!

Your probably wondering is it real well let’s just say I’ve had my share of the time share 90 minute checks….

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Myrtle Beach Time Share

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